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January 2021 Stock Pick

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

As the new year begins to unfold, investors are seeking to buy new stocks. The growing danger possessed by COVID-19 will have a major effect on the stock market. This article will showcase three stocks that I believe will do well in the coming months.


Duck Creek Technologies, Inc. (DCT)

Duck Creek is a financial technology (FinTech) company that creates software for insurance companies. Their technologies help companies execute transactions more efficiently and adapt to the continuous changes in the digital world.

I think Duck Creek will do well in the future since FinTech is becoming increasingly important in larger companies. As technology advances, the software that Duck Creek makes will become increasingly useful for insurance companies.

In addition to that, Duck Creek's clients are in the insurance industry which is in very high demand. From health insurance to car insurance, people will be depending on insurance, so they will be prepared in case an emergency occurs. The huge amounts of money that Duck Creek can make off of this sector will be influential in the success of its stock.

Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. (WBA)

Walgreens is a pharmacy that is commonly seen throughout the country. Being a pharmaceutical company, I believe that the Walgreens stock will continue to thrive through the remaining months of the pandemic and beyond.

I think Walgreens has a promising future since the company will generate a lot of money off of the sales pandemic-safety items. Sales of hand sanitizer, tissues, and masks has largely contributed to the revenue made by Walgreens, and this will likely boost their stock value.

Walgreens may also be good pick because of the new vaccines. As more vaccines are produced, medical experts will need to distribute them to people, and one place where they can get that vaccine is at a pharmacy like Walgreens.

NIO Limited (NIO)

Considered the "Tesla of China", NIO is one of the biggest names in electrical cars. With their popularity and value growing, their stocks are bound to have a great future.

I think NIO will do well because of its potential to expand. As leading countries in the world begin to introduce laws targeting climate change, vehicles running on clean energy will become more important to society. Over time, I believe NIO will be able to expand further and establish a larger global presence.

NIO shares have slight advantages over Tesla since NIO is cheaper, and its market is much larger. At time of writing, Tesla trades for around $850 while NIO trades for around $60. This is a huge price gap in both companies that sell similar products. Also, being based in China, NIO can more easily access the Chinese market which consists of around a billion people. The larger market results in a greater amount of money made.


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