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April 2021 Healthcare Stock Pick

As more and more Covid vaccines are distributed and we get closer and closer to the return to normal life, healthcare stocks have been having their own successes as well. However, with so many healthcare stocks to choose from, which one will have the highest potential. This article will reveal Teenconomy's list of stocks in the healthcare industry that have the potential to perform well in April and beyond.

Warning: Before you consider buying a stock, make sure that you have done research and understand the risk of investing.


Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

The JNJ single dose vaccine is a major reason that the JNJ stock has potential. The vaccine is been tested and proven to be quite effective, and the single dose will make production and distribution much easier. The JNJ vaccine has not being fully distributed yet, but as soon as it does, the stock will likely rise.

Another factor that makes JNJ appeal as a stock is its high dividend rate. According to Yahoo finance, JNJ's annual dividend rate is 2.49%, or $4.04 dollars paid per share. If you are looking for a stock that pay high dividends, JNJ is one that you may want to consider.

CVS Health Corporation (CVS)

My reasoning for CVS having potential is the same as why I believe Walgreens has potential. Once vaccines become much more available to the public, pharmacies, such as CVS, will be a popular location to receive vaccines.

CVS also has potential because of how accessible and popular it is. CVS stores exist pretty much everywhere in the USA which are locations for CVS to make money. Although it is very expensive to maintain huge amounts of stores, I believe that the demand for CVS's products will bring in enough income for them to make a profit.

Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLV)

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio and make a safer approach to investing, then this ETF might be right for you. XLV is an ETF that covers the healthcare industry. It is managed by the Standard and Poor's Financial Services LLC which also manages the S&P 500. We reviewed another SPDR fund, XLF, in this article.

Demand for healthcare services has always been high, especially this year. People will continue to need disinfectants, wipes, medicine, etc after the main portion of the pandemic passes. In addition, Covid vaccinations look like they may become an annual invite. With all this in mind, it looks increasingly likely that the healthcare industry will expand, and XLF will grow with it.


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